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Naive presents Danny Daze, Tanner Ross

Naive presents Danny Daze, Tanner Ross

Sat 13th Jul @ 11pm - 3am £7.00

You know summer is supposed to be all about taking a step back to unwind… something about coming fly from the barbershop, getting on the court and chillin’ in a car you spent all day waxin. Yeah?

Anyway, in Glasgow we slow it down a little too with our parties. That’s not to say we’re holding out on you though. Quite the opposite. We’re saving ourselves for one date in July with the pairing of Danny Daze’s shimmering Miami house and the smooth, chilled funk of Wolf & Lamb affiliated Tanner Ross.

While there’s very little guarantee that the city will be basking in any balmy weather, there’s certainly going to be a tropic vibe in the basement of Saint Judes. Both artists share a sun bleached sound, from the soulful melodies of Ross’s ‘Blame Game’ to the Hot Creations waterfront bass anthem ‘Your Everything’ that truly launched Daze. Opening on the evening will be former Death Discos resident Josh Jones, out of the less exotic locale of Dumfries but with sounds that might suggest otherwise.