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Fri 10th May @ 10pm - 3am £7.00 / £10.00 / £12.00


(We Play House)

While his It’s You (Panorama Bar) vinyls are going for more than 500 Euro on Discogs, there is a whole lot more to this young Belgian We Play House producer.

Growing up on a diet of Theo Parrish, Jus Ed and Omar S, which in turn led to more discoveries in Chicago & New York house, soul, hip hop and funk, San Soda, real name Nicolas Geysens, knew early that music would truly rule his life.

It was only a logical step from devouring this music to making it. As with most producers it took a while for San Soda to get going properly, but one demo he handed out to his team mate Red D (in the dressing room of their football team changed all that). Red D had been toying with the idea to start his own record label, and the music San Soda gave him was the final trigger: We Play House Recordings was born and set up as an exclusive home for San Soda’s music and any like-minded producer that would cross the path of San Soda and Red D.

Praise and play from people like Jimpster, Ame, Deetron, Reggie Dokes and many, many more for various San Soda EP’s (Limited Gear, Super Pim Pam Pet, Immers & Daarentegen Album Sampler) and collaborations between San Soda and Red D propelled We Play House around the globe with ‘Let’s Go’ and ‘More Than Seven’ becoming huge club hits and in 2010.

All this has culminated in San Soda’s debut album released on a double CD and a limited vinyl format aptly entitled ‘Immers & Daarentegen’. The album goes well beyond “house” and incorporates elements from a wide range of music styles, all with that unmistakeable warmth and depth that has become a main feature of everything San Soda touches. Maintaining a prolific production schedule while gigging everywhere from Panorama Bar to Sonar, a temporary move to Berlin and around-the-world bookings in Canada, the US and many European countries, it is safe to say that San Soda’s take on house music will stay in the picture for a little while longer…


It’s You



A production career which launched in 2005 on Crosstown Rebels, and bloomed via the creation of his own Leftroom label, has since taken Matt Tolfrey to world beating labels Get Physical, Cocoon, Rekids, Saved and Culprit.

His highly acclaimed debut album released last year was unflinchingly honest, ‘I cannot play the piano and I am not professionally trained in any way musically, but through years of DJing I know exactly what I like, and I have great tracks in my head that need to get out. While searching the Internet for alternate ideas of making music, I came across some amazing software that enables you to simply sing or hum into a mic, which then translates into midi notes, which you then use as the basis of your tracks. In essence, it means that while I am walking the streets, or away travelling, and I come up with an idea for a bassline, or a melody, I can simply record it into my phone, return home, and sing it into the computer. In other words, ‘in theory’ the album is mainly going to be written with my mouth, not my fingers, and then fully realised with the help of engineers and guest vocalists – hence the name ‘Word Of Mouth’.

With the album completed, Matt took to the road with the likes of Laura Jones, Jay Haze, Gavin Herlihy, Kate Simko, Craig Richards and Simon Baker to play Watergate, Sankeys, Moscow’s new Gipsy club, The Rainbow in Birmingham, Chicago’s Spybar, The Standard Hotel in LA, Fabric and U Street Music Hall in Washington, D.C.

Consitantly placed in Resident Advisor’s top 100 DJs poll, demand for Matt as a DJ has never been greater with last year his busiest touring schedule yet.




(Missing Persons Club)

Vinyl enthusiasts and rising promoters Wax Works will kick things off before San Soda, having previously brought Nick Hoppner, Sigha, Eric Cloutier & John Osborn to Glasgow. Their uncompromising approach in the DJ booth is a complimentary beginning to this event, and will definitely set us off in the right direction.



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