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Thu 31st Oct @ 11pm - 3am £3.00 before 12 / £5.00 after

For our Halloween special, we’ve managed to snare Australian Dro Carey whilst on a whistlestop tour of the UK, where other appearances include Boiler Room and The Warehouse Project. Getting him into Saint Judes intimate Basement is a big deal.

Dro Carey is the main musical project of Sydney-based writer and musician Eugene Ward. At just 20 years old, Ward has had 18 releases from his various projects put out on vinyl, CD and cassette on labels including RAMP, The Trilogy Tapes, Opal Tapes, Hum+Buzz and Templar Sound.

Categorizing the music presented in the 2-year lifetime of the Dro Carey project is a difficult task. The project seems to serve as an outlet for explorations of many kinds of dance music, not with a specific eye for trends but rather a spontaneous, erratic and refreshingly honest approach. If it seems like a mess of influences, that’s because it is – it’s the competing assault of the many passions of a young music fan. With each release, however, Ward has managed to focus this assault into an increasingly coherent and original musical voice.
2013 marks the debut of the Dro Carey project proper with the first full-length release under that name, “Copland” on RAMP Recordings. Copland is slated for a July release, and, according to Ward, is a loose concept album that ‘chronicles a fictional version of Queensland in the 1980s, in which the protagonist, Romeo, discovers the Brain Jungle, a virtual world that serves as a rallying point for dissidents.’ 4 singles will be released each week in the month leading up to the album’s release.

In support will be Vandelay.

Because it’s Halloween, fancy dress is encouraged but in no way essential. There will be prizes for the best dressed boys and girls though so it’s worth the effort.

Guestlist available, £3 before 12 and £5 after.