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Saint Judes
190 Bath Street
G2 4HG
0141 352 8800
Mon-Sun 12pm - 2:00am

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Our Food

burger bitch hot dogLiquor Store
Inspired by many a run down street corner liquor store punters can immerse themselves in the ambiance of industrialised, honest reclaimed materials where the only thing you can be certain of is the brilliance of flavour combinations from this bar and kitchen.
The Liquor Store; that originally traded as a pop up; is a boozy burger bar serving up our own brand of burgers, hard liquor, cold beers and an ever evolving cocktail bar focusing on premium liquor using the freshest ingredients upending modern and classic cocktails and spiking them with calimocho, chilli and hibiscus. Where the cocktails are concerned, it’s the more weird, wonderful and wacky the better but what you do get is crafted with love and one to remember.
Our drinking den menu specialises in mostly burgers – Meaty Bitch, Krispy Kreme Burger, Mac N Cheese Burger and others too; using a formula of juicy beef patties, minced in house from prime cuts of 28 day hung Scottish meat with plenty of cheese, bacon, peanut butter (aye! peanut butter) and attitude thrown in for good measure.

Not one for the faint hearted glaze over our Meat Sweats carnivore platter – stacked with 8oz beef ribs, braised, roasted and char-grilled to perfection; baby back pork ribs smothered in jack daniels bbq glaze. Juicy beef sliders with cheese and garnished with spicy slaw and red onion pickle- feast your eyes and belly on this!

For those who are a bit burgered out there’s Chilli Cheese Dogs,  Chicken N Chips and Peppered Meat Buns. The Bingo Wings and Baby Back Ribs are addictive as hell though. Cheap eats for you to scoff at the bar take your pick of these; Disco Fries, Mac N Cheese, Sliders or get down and dirty without the guilt, with our Sleazy Salad.

Safe to say that Bath Street & Saint Judes has never seen anything like this, an atmosphere to immerse yourself in a boozy, culinary journey that will open you up to exploration, temptation and obscurity.

Opening hours: Tues: 4pm-1am; Wed-Sat: 12pm-1am.


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